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Vehicle Duty CalculatorThis calculator is provided to assist you with estimating tax. It is not a substitute for formal professional advice.Calculate an estimate
Motor Vehicle Type

About the Vehicle Licence calculator

This calculator defaults to the current rate of vehicle licence duty.

How to use this calculator

Motor Vehicle Type

Please select from the drop down menu which motor vehicle type applies to you:

  • Standard is a motor vehicle (motor car/bike/van/wagon) with a gross vehicle mass of less than 4.5 tonnes. The majority of family and general passenger vehicles fit into this category.
  • Heavy Vehicle is a motor vehicle (e.g. trucks, buses etc) with a gross vehicle mass greater than 4.5 tonnes. New and Used Heavy vehicles are assessed at the same rate, the lessor of 3% or $12,000.


Please enter the dutiable value of the vehicle.

  • New Vehicles: Dutiable value is the price fixed by the manufacturer, importer or principal distributor as the retail selling price of that make and model. Any additional price for a particular transmission must be added to the total for Vehicle Licence Duty purposes.
  • Other (used) Vehicles: Dutiable value is the amount the vehicle would sell for in the open market.
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